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Office document manipulation operation in cloud stopped due to Aspose Cloud servers


Our company is using the Aspose Cloud services, and yesterday, for about 10min, our connection to Aspose’s servers went down. It was approximately at 4:45PM GMT+1.

We’d like to know if a problem had occurred on your side or if it came from our servers.

Thanks for all.

Hi Florian,

We continuously add new features and then push the changes during a new release. Although most of the time this process is smooth but in some cases we have noticed a temporary interruption for a few minutes.

We normally push changes during non-peak hours to ensure release process is smooth but still it can affect a few customers. We are investigating what happened during that period and will update you as soon as our investigation is complete.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

Hi Florian,

We have identified the root cause of this issue. We are using auto-scale feature of Amazon to automatically start new server instances if existing servers are reaching their limit. New instances take around 10 minutes to start and some of the requests drop during that period.

This is not frequent but you can rarely notice this issue because this affects only few customers (not necessarily you) during peak hours when 2-3 factors combine at the same time. We are further improving the system to make sure no customer is affected by this situation.

Best Regards,