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MS Word File conversion with Aspose.Words Cloud API is throwing Bad Request error


We have been getting numerous Bad Request responses from the API this morning, when all was okay yesterday. This is a high priority issue as it is causing an outage on one of systems.

Please advise


We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please check the error details from the My Usage tab of your dashboard, hopefully it will help you to figure out the issue.

However, if still there is some confusion, then please share your sample code and document here. We will investigate it further and will guide you accordingly.

I can report the same behavior today April 17th - it started very early this morning for us. The “Status” page isn’t reporting any incidents, but we had a much higher volume of errors today than is normal. In my case, we received the following HTTP error response -

Unable to open file for reading FAIL: {“Error”:{“Code”:“UnsupportedApiVersion”,“Message”:“The HTTP resource that matches the request URI ‘’ does not support the API version ‘1.1’.”}}


Thanks for your feedback.

@itaccounts , @TDS_Hosting

We are investigating the issue and will share our findings with you soon.

Furthermore, please note we have introduced a newer API Version V4, it has improved API structure and memory management. We will recommend to use V4 API version instead of V1/V1.1.