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Monitoring Response times - threshhold expectations

We use .words, but may be general.

We have noticed spasmodic response times to Posts Gts as well as Deletes heading into the 10s of seconds and minutes (including timeouts) - normally < 1/2 seconds.

If it wasn’t for the Delete also being affected I would have focused on the payload and maybe data processing intensity.

So. while the status of Aspose may not warrent general update , we were just wondering if there is a means to correlate the long response times. Or , if you think it may be payload related, what might be looked for.

FWIW, an example of a 11 second delete is from …

p.s. the sympton is not reproduceable using the same file, it is just neen as spikes in the normal flow of requests


I am afraid we cannot define the expected response threshold. It depends upon many factors but mainly processing file size/structure and network.

Secondly, it seems you are using obsolete API Version 1.1. Kindly use the latest API version V4.0. It is better in terms of memory management and improved API structure. It includes its native storage APIs. So it is recommended to use API version V4.0, it will provide a better file processing experience than older API versions.