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Microsoft Word to HTML conversion Images issue on Azure cloud using Aspose.Words API

Descrption :
While converting word document to html file using aspose words, It extracts images from word document and store it in current folder and pass reference to html "src" tag , so that images can be displayed in converted html document.

Problem :
When I uploaded the converted html file to Microsoft Azure cloud (i.e blob) It doesn't show the images,
the reason is for images to be displayed in html file microsoft restrict to upload the embedded images to blob first and then pass the url of each images to "src" tag of html file.

How Aspose words can resolve this issues ??
I am using Asp.Net MVC 4 as a development framework.

Hi Raju,

Aspose.Words for .NET has no control over Azure. You can choose one of the following solutions in given conditions.

  1. Upload images first and then update HTML to replace corresponding src tags with new values. You can find tags by image names and use something like described at
  2. Convert Word documents to MHTML using Aspose.Words and then upload it. MHTML file stores images etc. inside the file instead of separate files.

Best Regards,

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