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Microsoft Word Mail Merge API of Aspose.Words Cloud returns JSON ContentType instead of XML

Hi There,

We have up until recently been successfully creating word documents via the aspose cloud service and converting those documents into PDF’s.

Once the document is created we use one of the documented ProcessCommand methods to return back a stream containing XML (Stream ProcessCommand(string strURI, string strHttpCommand, string strContent, string ContentType = “xml”))

Using the code in this method now always returns a json result, rather than an xml one, which is now breaking our code. We have double checked and the ContentType is always set to xml but still returns json.

The parameters we pass into this method are:

strURI = "***************************"
strHttpCommand = "POST"
strContent = a validated xml string
ContentType = "xml"

Can someone please help as to why we’re now always getting json data back and not XML.

Many thanks

Dan Bailey

Hi Dan,

This has been fixed. Please test it at your end and let us know if you see any issue.

Best Regards,


Please note, Aspose.Words Cloud latest API Version V4 supports both JSON and XML response type. Please check MailMerge API methods for more detail.