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Microsoft Word Document Mail Merge with rich text using Aspose.Words REST API


We have used aspose cloud APIs for document merge on Salesforce and currently we are facing the issue with rich text merge. The issue is formatting of rich text is not coming properly on merged document.

Please find following details related input and output of aspose document merge
1. Document template is attached to this post and the field which is mentioned in template contains values : Role’s

2.Request :
Url -

JSON request -

3.Output file is attached to post and it contains merged string as follows:

As per the rich text formatting, merged string should be Role’s but it is not coming properly in merged document.

We wanted to know, is there any API which we can use to create merge document with rich text in correct format. Please advice.

Hi Preeti,

I have attached sample JSON file and Word document here for your reference. Please try mail merge with regions on this document. Hope, this helps in resolving your problem.

Best regards,

I am facing similar issue already posted in this forum.
Can anyone help me with this?


I have answered your question here.