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Merging PowerPoint files into one file


We have one team in my organization, of 5 – 20 users, who are looking to be able to merge multiple Powerpoint files, that’s it for the moment.

is your application (Asbos Slides) able to do the same?

can be installed locally in several workstations?

Or it is cloud based ? where users can check in / out same documents and share it.

how t purchase the cloud version?


Yes, Aspose.Slides Cloud API supports the feature to merge PowerPoint files. But please note it is an API, not an application. You need to use this API in your application for the required feature.

PowerPoint Presentation Merge methods

You can use the REST API on any platform that supports REST, or you can use Aspose.Slides Cloud SDKs directly in your favorite programming language. Please note currently Aspose.Slides Cloud is hosted on Aspose servers but we are also planning to launch Aspose.Slides Cloud Docker container for self-hosting solution in near future.

For purchasing please refer the purchase menu.

Hopefully, it answers your queries. Otherwise, please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

Hi, Thanks for your helpful prompt response.

but API will not work at my organization, what we are looking for is a tool that we can upload several files directly, merge it, and output as one presentation file, and preferably to be done locally at the workstation not on cloud.
so if this kind of tool available at your side or you may know where we can have it that would be great.

we do not have an application to call your API or any coding can be done for the same.


Thanks for your detailed feedback. In your scenario, we have a paid consultancy option where we can also build the complete app for you using our APIs. Then you can use the app at your end. Please check paid consultancy page for more details.