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Merge Slides with with Ruby SDK of Aspose.Slides Cloud


I am getting an error when I try to merge powerpoint sides. Here is the error:

/R&D/abose/PPT/lib/aspose_slides_cloud/api_client.rb:48:in `call_api': Not Found (AsposeSlidesCloud::ApiError)

from /R&D/abose/PPT/lib/aspose_slides_cloud/api/slides_api.rb:847:in `post_presentation_merge'

from merge.rb:23:in `'

And this is the code:

#require 'aspose_slides_cloud'
require_relative 'lib/aspose_slides_cloud'
include AsposeSlidesCloud
include AsposeStorageCloud

app_sid = "Xxxxxxxxxx"
app_key = "xxxxxxxxxxxx"

#Get App key and App SID from
AsposeStorageCloud::AsposeApp.app_key_and_sid(app_key, app_sid)

@slides_api =

file_name = "sample.pptx"
merge_file_name_1 = "welcome.pptx"
merge_file_name_2 = "demo.pptx"

merge_request =
merge_request.presentation_paths = [merge_file_name_1, merge_file_name_2]

response = @slides_api.post_presentation_merge(file_name, merge_request)


Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have observed your comments and like to request you to please create two presentation files named welcome.pptx and demo.pptx as input files because they are being used in the sample code. Or you may download the files from Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for Ruby. Make sure you get your App key and App SID. There is no problem while merging the presentations.