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Merge PowerPoint Presentation Slides in PHP with Aspose.Slides REST API throws ErrorProcessingDocument

I’ have a loop doing PUT /merge and after a while the merge throws an error: See below –

What does this error mean? And if there are some limits to presentation size, number of slides, etc. could you please share them.

What information is helpful in diagnosing these kind of issues. We are now stuck dead in the water and keep making excuses about “ASPOSE working on it”. Are you?

I’ll DM you again with the source files.

Fatal error : Uncaught Aspose\Slides\Cloud\Sdk\Api\ApiException: [400] Client error: PUT resulted in a 400 Bad Request response: {“error”:{“code”:“ErrorProcessingDocument”,“message”:"Error processing presentation santander\S95.pptx: AmazonS3 Storag (truncated…) in /var/www/emi/composer/vendor/aspose/slides-sdk-php/sdk/Api/ApiBase.php:84 Stack trace: #0 /var/www/emi/composer/vendor/aspose/slides-sdk-php/sdk/Api/SlidesApi.php(16950): Aspose\Slides\Cloud\Sdk\Api\ApiBase->httpCall(Object(GuzzleHttp\Psr7\Request)) #1 /var/www/emi/composer/vendor/aspose/slides-sdk-php/sdk/Api/SlidesApi.php(16934): Aspose\Slides\Cloud\Sdk\Api\SlidesApi->putPresentationMergeWithHttpInfo(Object(Aspose\Slides\Cloud\Sdk\Model\Requests\PutPresentationMergeRequest)) #2 /var/www/emi/aspose/asposeFunctions.php(239): Aspose\Slides\Cloud\Sdk\Api\SlidesApi->putPresentationMerge(Object(Aspose\Slides\Cloud\Sdk\Model\Requests\PutPr in /var/www/emi/composer/vendor/aspose/slides-sdk-php/sdk/Api/ApiBase.php on line 84


Aspsoe.Slides Cloud API supports maximum 100MB request size.

Yes, please share your source document via private message. We will try to replicate the issue and investigate it. Meanwhile, I have tried the scenario with 50+ MB PPTX files but could not replicate the issue. We are sorry for your inconvenience.