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MailMerge 400 Bad Request` response: {"Message":"Customer not found."}

Hello Aspose Team,

We started today to receive the above response despite the fact we have done no changes at our side, codes, or the integration.

Could you check what is wrong with the Aspose Words APIs?



This is happening to us as well, we have made a similar post:

@Softwareselskabet, @divvyhomes

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are investigating the issue(WORDSCLOUD-1534) and will fix it with high priority.

Also seeing this issue affecting all of our document generation. Where can we see the status of the ticket WORDSCLOUD-1534?

@Softwareselskabet, @divvyhomes, @acthealth

Thanks for your patience. There was some issue with our billing API, we have fixed it. Please try not, it is working as expected.