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Mail Merge Word Templates replaced with result documents using Aspose.Words Cloud API

We have found something has replaced all of our original templates continaing with the resultant document, hence, all mergefields stripped

Has anyone run into any form of glitch? It occured Tuesday July 11th at around 9PM GMT


We believe you have posted the same query in the Aspose.Words for Cloud forum. We will be following up with you on that thread.

Kind Regards,

Mateen Sajjad

We have faced the same issue on that day. Our template also got replaced by resulted document.

We too faced the same issue on 11th July in production. All our templates got replaced with resultant document. Our whole sales process had collapsed due to this issue!

This is a serious issue and raises a BIG question on Aspose’s credibility. We had to face financial loss due to this issue, which is unacceptable.

We all need answer on this and also want to know what action Aspose has taken on this.


@Direct_Connect , @orionsalesreps

We regret any inconvenience that you may have faced due to this.

We have now thoroughly tested the scenarios and our understanding is that they are now working as intended. We apologise for any loss that you may have incurred, and assure you this was a one off occurrence.

We endeavour to be more diligent in future. Thank you for your patience.