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Low image quality in Excel to PDF conversion with Aspose.Cells Cloud API


We are having a problem with the image resolution by converting an Excel file to PDF via Aspose.Cells for Cloud APIs.
Here are the save options:


Here is the excel file we are trying to convert: (I could not attach the excel file to this as it is not authorized).
And here is the converted pdf file:

As you can see the images in the pdf file are in low quality.
We tried to change the desiredPPI and the jpegQuality parameter in the pdf save options but it does not help.

Is there any way to have the quality of the images in the converted pdf file better?



Thanks for your inquiry. It seems you shared PDF document link twice and missed the XLSX file. Please share your sample input XLSX along with expected PDF document here. We will look into these and will guide you accordingly.

P.S: you can zip your documents and attach here.

Please find attached file. Thanks. (2.5 MB)


Thanks for sharing your source document. We have logged a ticket CELLSCLOUD-10270 for further investigation and rectification. We will keep you updated about the issue resolution progress.

Hi @tilal.ahmad - Is there any update on this?


We are investigating the issue. I am afraid we are unable to find a quality difference in the resultant PDF document. Even we have converted the source excel file to PDF with MS excel as well, both PDF files look similar. We will appreciate it if you please point out the image/page with screens shot to highlight the difference you have noticed, it will help us to address issue exactly.