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LinqBridge issue in Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for .NET

Have a console project using Framework 4.6.1. When I install Aspose.Words-Cloud from nuget it also installs Aspose.Storage-Cloud which depends on LinqBridge. With linqbridge loaded, I get many compile errors stating that there are ambiguous references to properties like .Count etc.

Is the problem with LinqBridge? Or is there a different package for Words-Cloud without the dependency?


I am also experiencing this issue while trying to set up the cloud SDK for word in a large solution. Is LinqBridge incompatible with System.Linq?

Hi Rick,

I was successfully able to install Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for .NET 1.0.2 from Nuget and build an empty console project on my side.

Please create a standalone console application that helps us reproduce your problem on our end, ZIP it and attach it here for testing.

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The problem is that linqbridge isn’t compatible with any version of .Net past 2.0. However, the Aspose Cloud Nuget Package requires linqbridge and linq bridge attempts to overwrite functionality in System.Linq.

Yeah, that’s what I figured. Any idea if Aspose plans on updating their cloud package? I don’t plan on going back to .Net 2.0.

Actually, I think it’s the cloud-storage package that requires linqbridge and I’m trying to convert documents without using online storage. Maybe Aspose could create a Words-Cloud package without needing storage…?

So if you go here you can download the Aspose.Cloud.dll that is used in the example project in the other SDK download. Just know that with this you can’t use the examples on the website, you need to reverse engineer what you need from the example project.

Hope that helps, and I really wish someone from the aspose team would weigh in on this issue.

Thanks for your inquiry. We are working over your query and will get back to you soon.

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I realized the dll I linked is no longer supported, so beware.

Hey Awais,

I downloaded the source for the Aspose.Words dll and the Aspose.Storage dll and update the projects to use .net v4.5.1 and removed the references to linqbridge, and updates JSON. Feel free to use it as an example.

Thanks for your suggestion and sample code. We are working on it and will get back to you soon.


We have updated our Cloud .NET SDKs and removed LinqBridge reference from the package. Please feel free to upgrade package from NuGet (

Feel free to reach us for any issue related to Aspose Cloud APIs.