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Link to Quickstart Site Does Not Work

A link on this site does not work: https://docs.aspose.cloud/slides/quickstart/

(Broken link see list #1)

  1. Open the API Reference.
  2. Click Authorize, enter Client Id and Client Secret for your application and click Close.
  3. Select a method. We will select CreatePresentation method - click the topmost Post button in the Document section.
  4. Click Try it out.
  5. Fill in the parameters. Enter a name for the new presentation, e.g. “MyPresentation.pptx”.
  6. Click Execute button.

I’ve checked the issue, Quickstart site is working fine. The methods from API Reference are also working. Please check your network settings and try to do the same operations from another device. If the issue persists, please share additional information that will help us to reproduce the issue on our end.