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It looks like slides is back on the "slow" servers

Just a heads up for developers and users:

Over the last day, I’ve noticed a significant increase in response time to API requests. For awhile the servers were pretty snappy, responding to API requests in under 5 seconds. It’s now back to the 15 to 20 second response per API request that we saw earlier. I don’t know if the server slow downs are related to the downtime Aspose reported (and didn’t report) recently.

We’ve let our users know that response times for building presentations may be extended.

– my suggestion for developers is that you cannot depend on Aspose cloud.slides for realtime response. We’ve developed our applications as a batch process where the information is collected and then a separate task is kicked off to do the PPT processing. After the process finishes (typically 10 api calls @ 20 seconds each = 4 minutes) the user gets an email saying that the presentation is ready. Not ideal, but better than having a user watch a spinning wait for 5 minuts.


Thanks for sharing your concerns. Since when did you start noticing the slow response from the API? Is it for any type of file or for certain files like with specific contents or structure etc.? Please let me know your thoughts on the above and I’ll initiate an investigation accordingly.


We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have recorded your concern and investigating the issue with high priority against the SLIDESCLOUD-1021 ticket. We will keep you updated about the issue resolution progress within this thread.

Haven’t been monitoring the speed recently – we switched to a batch model where our users get emailed when the presentation is ready. Around June it was pretty snappy – generally less than a minute to do some PPT merges and create a pptx and pdf. When I recently checked, it was probably back to 5 minutes to do the same.


Thanks for the additional information. We will consider it as well in the investigation.


We had deployed a newly updated container of Aspose.Slides Cloud on 22 Oct 2020. We were continuously observing the logs after this update and unable to notice any issue anymore. So we are closing this issue. However, we will appreciate it if you double check the AP and confirm.