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Issue with Linq cell merge


Currently am using Aspose words to generate the pdf using LINQ-reporting in MSWord to convert the word to PDF.
we have a requirement to use cell merge to merge the cell in one column and it is working fine, But without completing the merge, a borderline is coming at the end of every page. Below is the screenshot:
image.png (124.5 KB)

Actually, a border should appear when the merge is completed between part 2 and part 3. Now it is working above part 3, but it is coming at the end of every page, So It should show when the merge is completed between part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 not at the end of every page.
Like below Image:
image.png (125.5 KB)

Attached is the zip file for the ms word template, sample file, and Json Data below:
Ms word template : ForAsposeTest.docx,
Input json file : Aspose-test-data.json,
Sample generated file: TestReport.PDF
AsposeTestReport.zip (75.8 KB)

Vinaykumar saka


Thanks for your feedback. We are looking into the problem; in the meantime, please confirm which API you are using: Aspose.Words for .NET or Aspose.Words Cloud?

Hi @tilal.ahmad,

Thanks for the response, We are using, .net SDK.
Package Name: Aspose.words,
Version: 23.1.0.

For your reference,
image.png (28.0 KB)

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