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Is There an Issue with the Slides Cloud API?

Could you check if the Aspose Slides cloud server needs to be restarted. It looks like it is not working.

It may not be hung, but is super slow – like 5 to 10 minutes per API call!

I am seeing the same issue.

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Slow and eventually gets a 504 gateway timeout; Could someone please restart the process on the server.

PUT https://api.aspose.cloud/v3.0/slides/output_2022-07-13_14-20-29_u6 2cf0cedcf6dd.pptx/merge?folder=finalDecks&storage=emiaws resulted in a 504 Gat eway Time-out response:

@klubar, @beautifulai,
Thank you for contacting support. We are already working on the problem.

It looks like it’s back up – is there anyway the Aspose could update the status pages (https://status.aspose.cloud/) when there are problems? It not very useful to have the status always green when there are issues.

Also, any way that Aspose could add automatic system health checks we’re not down for 6 hours? It seems like adding CPU/memory/disk monitors could detect these issues rather than waiting for customers to report them.

We apologize for any inconvenience. I’ve forwarded your requirements to our employees.

+1 for both monitoring and status updates. It appears to be having trouble again now. This API being down really hurts us, and we are likely going to need to look for a different solution given the instability problems.

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I will forward your notes to our developers.