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Is aspose Cloud down? postSlidesDocumentFromSource is hanging

I haven’t touched my code in months… suddeningly


is hanging… no response at all; is there an issue with APOSE being down?

I’ve tracked it down to httpCall($httpRequest) never returning

Is this possibly the same issue that occured on Oct 16, 18 and 19?

    public function postSlidesDocumentFromSourceWithHttpInfo(Requests\PostSlidesDocumentFromSourceRequest $request)

print “in postSlidesDocumentFromSourceWithHttpInfo\r\n”;

    $returnType = '\Aspose\Slides\Cloud\Sdk\Model\Document';
    $httpRequest = $this->postSlidesDocumentFromSourceRequest($request);
    try {

print “about to call httpCall\r\n”; — SUCCESS

        $response = $this->httpCall($httpRequest);

print “and we are back response=\r\n”; var_dump($response); — NEVER PRINTS


I have tested the scenario and unable to replicate the issue. Please verify at your end and confirm. May be some temporary network issue caused the problem at your end.

99.99% certain this issue was at Aspose’s end. Because it is now working. We’ve changed nothing at our end and our data center reported no connectivity issues.

It sure looks like there was a problem with Aspose’s servers or connectivity. Disappointed that the Aspose can’t post accurate status as this wastes a lot of our time and makes it impossible to give information to our clients.


Thanks for your feedback. We have logged a ticket SLIDESCLOUD-1021 to investigate the server logs and will share the details with you asap.

Thanks. Everything seems to have worked since this morning.

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