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Intermittent error with file uploading to cloud storage

We are seeing a large number of empty responses from file uploads. If we try again the same file upload sometimes succeeds and returns the expected {“Code”:200,“Status”:“OK”} response.

Example url:

The empty response is usually returned in under 100 ms.


Thank you for contacting us.

Please spare us some time to reproduce this issue on our end. We will shortly update you with our findings.


We are unable to reproduce the issue on our end. Would you please share the file details with which you are getting an empty response. Are these files are large in size?

The files are not large. The example noted above is 266 KB in size.

It looks like we stopped seeing these errors at 10:52 AM Eastern Standard Time yesterday (16th).


It is good to know that you are not facing this issue anymore. But we are still investigating why this issue occurred in the first place.