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Increase in Aspose errors over the last month

Hi there,

In the past month, we have seen increasing amount of Aspose errors. In previous months, this would amount to about 1-3% of all total documents (monthly), but in the past month we have seen percentages up to 6%. They seem to be linked to timeout issues.

As far as we are aware nothing has changed from our side. I could see some issues with timeouts have been solved on the 2nd of March (on https://status.aspose.cloud/). However, these problems seem to have started before the 2nd of March already. I was wondering whether these two things are related, and if we can expect less Aspose errors since that fix.

I will be available to provide further information if necessary.


We are sorry for the inconvenience. We have made some changes to our server to avoid this problem. But we are still keeping a close eye on the server logs to fix the issue.