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Implement Locale On Numbers Sent To Aspose

da-DKHi Aspose,
We’ve upgraded to the latest version and trying to use the local feature supported.
We’re trying to use the danish local “dk-DK”

In the docx file we used currency format merge field as

{0:kr#,##0.00;kr. -#.##0.00}

However This format make the output is like this: 19,656.84 but we need to make it like thie 19.656,84
Could you help us implementing this ?


Please share your template and data file as well.

Hi @tilal.ahmad
I’ve uploaded this zip file AsposeFiles.zip (104.2 KB)

This file contains the template docx file, a generated file named Kontrakt_1746.pdf, the XML data file, and containing an image showing the field that we implemented in the currency format. We implemented the currency formate on one field only product_2_amount_excl_vat_cents and that’s what you should give attention to.

Many thanks

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Thanks for sharing the source documents. After an initial investigation of your requirements, we have logged a ticket WORDSCLOUD-2039 in our internal issue tracking system. We will keep you updated about the issue resolution progress.

@tilal.ahmad do you have an update on this?


The issue investigation is still not completed. We will be in a good position to share an update/ETA with you as soon as the investigation is completed.