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How we should count the call of API?

If I want to convert any Ms Word Document or Ms Excel document into PDF, the API which I will call for converting it, Will that API cost me per page or will it be the same for the two documents either one of them contain more pages than other?

For example if an API call cost 1 dollar on calling one time, and I want to convert a word document with 100 pages. WIll it cost me 1 dollar for whole document or will it deduct 100 dollars?


Please note that each successful API call is charged as one credit; it does not depend on the number of pages. Please check the pricing page for more details.

It will cost a single credit, not 100.

How much should be the maximum size of the document which an api could convert?


Please note that we don’t have any document size limitations, but each container(node) has limited memory. Memory consumption depends upon the file structure, as sometimes a 10MB file can take 1GB in memory while processed, and 100MB can take from 100MB to a huge number. You can try the conversion with your big flies; however, if you face any issues, you can share your input document via some free file sharing service with us for investigation.

Furthermore, API calls processing larger files than 20MB consume extra credits. For large files over that size, every 20MB file chunk after the first 20MB will incur an additional credit.