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How tor read DataMatrix (GS1) barcode and save output to a file using Aspose.BarCode REST API

I need to save the read multiple pages with DataMatrix (GS1) to a file (excel, cvs, txt, any) so that there is a list in the file. How am I able to do it using your functionality (https://products.aspose.app/barcode/ru/recognize)?
Or is there some other option?


Please check the following documentation to recognize the barcodes from an image file using Aspose.Barcode REST API. The API methods returns the result as a list. You can iterate through the list and save the output to a Text file.

BarcodeResponseList response = barcodeApi.GetBarcodeRecognize(request);
TextWriter outPut = new StreamWriter("C:/Temp/Barcode_output.txt");
foreach (var barcode in response.Barcodes) {