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How to view a DOC/DOCX in browser using Aspose.Words REST API?


I want to view my doc(x) file using “Aspose.Words for Cloud” inside my browser. So is there any feature inside “Aspose.Words for Cloud API” to view it.
I am expecting that this API will give me HTML or some webview response which i can easily view in a browser which is inside my Application only.

Thank You

Hi Himanshu,

Thanks for your inquiry. I am afraid, this is not possible using Aspose.Words for Cloud. Please refer to the following link:
Cloud APIs to manipulate Word documents

Our sister company offers many viewer controls which you may consider including in your application to view the various file formats. With GroupDocs apps, you can also have limited editing functionalities. For more information, we suggest you please contact GroupDocs support through live chat or support forums of GroupDocs.

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Is this possible now in 2021?


Yes, you can convert DOC/DOCX to HTML and send output to the browser as a stream. Please check the following documentation for the conversion. Although, it includes an example of DOC to PDF conversion. For DOC/DOCX to HTML conversion, you can set the format parameter value to HTML and proceed accordingly.

Furthermore, we are planning to develop a lightweight document viewer control to embed a Word Document in a Web Page or Blog. Please check the following page for the details. If you are interested in this control then you can vote for it.