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How to use custom fonts in PDF document conversion using Aspose.PDF REST API

I’m looking to use Aspose PDF for clouds to create a preview document that will be attached to an email. Using Aspose PDF for clouds how do I specify the font – and what fonts will be available? My template document can include the font if that is helpful. How “good” will the text look? Will the characters be kerned more or less correctly?

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your inquiry. Our Cloud servers use Windows Server 2012 as OS and fonts available with this OS are installed. Some most common fonts are also installed. Please find existing list of supported fonts.

We cannot install all fonts as every document uses different fonts and installing too many fonts will create performance issues. Also, there are license restrictions with many fonts. However, we are working on a mechanism to allow users to upload their required fonts and then use those fonts during conversion. We have linked your issue to the internal JIRA issue, SAASPDF-128, logged for the purpose. We will let you know as soon as it is implemented.

Moreover, Please you may try the conversion using Aspose.Pdf for Clouds. It will work fine with the supported fonts. Please feel free to write us if you find any issue, we will look into it and help you to resolve.

Best Regards,