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How to upload Salesforce content document to storage with Aspose.Words REST API

Hi Support,

I have gone through the following API to upload file in Aspose cloud.

In this API, the document is uploading from the system path like c:\temp\MyFile.png

That means the document should be somewhere on the desktop so that we can give document path to upload it in Aspose Cloud.

But, we need to upload the document in Aspose Cloud from the Salesforce Content(Standard Object). That means we need to give the document path of existing Salesforce Content’s documents.
Is it any API that support uploading directly from Salesforce documents.

Also, after uploading the documents we need to add Watermark on the documents and download these documents(with watermarking). The documents type will be only pdf/word. We need to add watermark on pdf and word docs, is it possible through API?

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.
Name: Naman
Contact No: 08527748439

Hi Naman,

This issue has been logged into our issue tracking system as MARKETING-8911. We will update you as soon as the required sample is available.

Best Regards,

Is there any updates on this? I am also having the similar requirement need to upload a file from Salesforce to Aspose.

Hi Prakash,

These samples have been planned for next week. Hopefully, these will be available in the coming week.

Best Regards,

Hi Naman,

Salesfoce file upload example is available at

Please try at your end and let us know if you see any issue.

Best Regards,

Thanks muhammad.ijaz,

Now I am facing another issue while using “ fileName/?format=pdf” to convert the doc file in pdf.

After getting the response from service I am saving the response body as Blob in Attachment object on Salesforce Platform. When I am opening the saved attachment, a PDF window opens up without contents and its shows loading message for infinite time.

Can you please provide a sample where I can read the pdf content in the form of Blob from the service call.


Hi Naman,

Your URI looks incorrect. Can you please try with the correct URI i.e. ""

Best Regards,