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How to update Textboxes and Datatables in PowerPoint Presentation in PHP with Aspose.Slides REST API

Hi Aspose,

In short, my company has a .pptx template with a bunch of textboxes and charts with underlying datatables.
My task at hand is to modify a sequence of variables in these textboxes and datatables in this template and re-export the template. I am doing this in php.
I have been unable to get the aspose-slides-cloud-php repo to open a .pptx after trying a bunch of different files - even from the examples provided.
The provided documentation link loops back to itself, so i’m unable to proceed.
So, how do I open a .pptx in order to edit values and export again.


Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides Cloud. We will appreciate it if you please share your sample source and expected PPTX document here as zip file. It will help us to understand your requirement and guide you accordingly.

Hello @tilal.ahmad
Can you start with just explaining to me whether your product has the features that I’m looking for and where exactly I can find the relevant documentation for how to achieve what I’m trying to do.


Thanks for your feedback. You can update text and shape(chart) object using Aspose.Slides Cloud API with following APIs. However, it seems PutSlideShapeInfo API is not working as expected. We have logged a ticket SLIDESCLOUD-948 for rectification. As soon as the issue is resolved, we will create a sample PHP code for your reference and will share asap.

Furthermore, as requested above, your sample input and output documents will help us to address your requirement exactly.

POST ​/slides​/{name}​/replaceText Replace text with a new value.

PUT ​/slides​/{name}​/slides​/{slideIndex}​/shapes​/{path}​/{shapeIndex} Update shape properties.


In reference to SLIDESCLOUD-948, we have introduced a new API Method PutChartSeries for updating the chart series in a PowerPoint Slides. Please check sample code in Aspose.Slides Cloud 20.7 release notes.