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How to set cell value in Excel Worksheet using Aspose.Cells REST API

The only API call im having issues with is:!/Cells/Cells_PostWorksheetCellSetValue

The cell type i am updating is returned as a IsNumeric …when i make my POST to the API endpoint with numeric as the parameter im passing for Type its updaing the cell value but also setting the type to IsString …this is returned in the response. Ive checked to documents and examples…ive tried ‘int’ but no luck. If im making a POST to update a cell value and then cell is numeric…what should i use as the Type?

my call is blah.xlsx/sheet1/cells/A1?value=0.52&type=numeric&folder=myfolder


Thank you for contacting us.

We are looking into your issue and shortly update you with our findings.

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You are trying to set Real Value (0.52) to a cell A1. Please use Double type for this value.

Following are the examples of other data types:

  1. Value: 1
    Type: int

  2. Value: Measleboy
    Type: string

  3. Value: 2017-10-1
    Type: date

  4. Value: 0.52
    Type: double

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Solved…thanks i’d missed ‘Double’ all working cheers for the prompt reply.

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