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How to Self host or locally install Aspose.Words Cloud REST API

We are a startup planning to integrate Aspose.Words and would like to get a head start by integrating with your Cloud REST API.

The problem is that we might be obligated to have Aspose installed locally somewhere in the future.

Does the on-premises product also expose a REST API so we don’t have to rewrite our Aspose integration after migration?

Hi Kaspar,

No, If you want to install Aspose.Words for .NET or Java in future, you will have to write your code according to that. Aspose.Words for Cloud is entirely different. You do not write Aspose.Words related code at your end. You just build the URI and send HTTP request to our Cloud service; code related to Aspose APIs is written at our end.

If you want to install Aspose.Words for .NET or Java locally and expose it as a REST API, you will have to wrap it inside your REST methods and write all the code by yourself.

Best Regards,