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How to self host Aspose.Words Cloud REST API in Private Web Application


Can I use Aspose Cloud Rest API in my private Enterprise Web Application (Java)?
Are there possible to install Apose.Words REST API for private web apps?

Hi Anatoliy,

You can use Aspose for Cloud API in any platform including Java. Nothing needs to be installed. You can just send HTTP requests and handle HTTP response. Please check Cloud API documentation for Java examples and more details.

We have also wrapped our REST APIs in our Cloud SDKs. You can also use Aspose Cloud SDK for Java if you want to quickly get started with the Cloud APIs. Java SDK examples are also present in the documentation.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have further comments or questions.

Best Regards,

Thanks for answer!

But I meen Aspose Cloud (private Aspose REST API) hosted on my private web application, without api.aspose.cloud dependency.

Or in this case I should use native aspose library and mannualy impliment rest api service?

Hi Anatoliy,

If you want to use Aspose for Cloud, you will have to send requests to Aspose so it is impossible to avoid api.aspose.com dependency.

If you want to build your own REST API, then yes you will have to use Aspose for .NET or Java libraries and wrap them in your web services to expose REST API service. We are also using Aspose for .NET libraries at the backend of our Cloud service.

Best Regards,


In addition to above shared solution,now we have another option for your scenario. You can use Aspose.Words Cloud Docker Container for self hosting Aspose.Words Cloud at your premises. So, you can use Aspose.Words Cloud features in your private web apps without depending on the api.aspose.cloud. Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.