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How to self host Aspose cloud APIs to manipulate office file formats in Cloud?

I noticed the newly released Aspose Cloud which provides a lot of functionality and endpoints for our needs.
However for our integration, we require a self hosted version of the “Aspose Cloud” and it is essential that we host it on site.

Do you offer a solution with this functionality?

Hi Saurabh,

Aspose for Cloud is based on our market leading .NET and Java libraries which you can download a trial of and integrate directly into your application if those technologies fit into your stack.

We do also have plans in future for a 'private cloud' install of our cloud products so you get the benefit of a 'drop-in' REST web service but we do not have a firm date for when those will be launching.

Best Regards,


We would like to update you that we start working on the Docker container of Aspose Cloud APIs for self hosting solutions. And initially, we released Aspose.Words Cloud Docker Container to self host Aspose.Words Cloud on your premises. We have plan to release the Docker Container of other Aspose Cloud APIs in near future.

Furthermore, please note all Aspose.Words Cloud documentation and SDK examples/code will work with Aspose.Words Cloud Docker, but all you need to set base uri as per your Docker container address. Kindly contact us for any further assistance.