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How to Retain Slide Notes when Converting from PowerPoint Presentation to PDF?

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I am using the API to convert PowerPoint files to PDF, and I want to keep the notes slides of the PowerPoint. How can I achieve that?

Thank you for posting the question.

You can convert a PowerPoint presentation to a PDF document including speaker notes. The following Node.js code example shows you how to do this from a local file to a local file:

const cloud = require("asposeslidescloud");
const fs = require("fs");

const slidesApi = new cloud.SlidesApi("MyClientId", "MyClientSecret");

const pdfOptions = new cloud.PdfExportOptions();
pdfOptions.notesPosition = "BottomFull";

const fileStream = fs.createReadStream("example.pptx");

slidesApi.convert(fileStream, "pdf", null, null, null, null, pdfOptions).then(response => {
    fs.writeFile("output.pdf", response.body, error => {
        if (error) throw error

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You can also convert presentations saved to cloud storage.

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