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How to reset free trail account credit limit of

Hi Support,

We’ve been trialing your cloud service and we seem to have hit the 100 file limit. Is there any chance this can be increased while we still perform testing. We’re not ready to upgrade to the paid trial yet.

can you not increase or reset the limits on the account we have? In case of another trail account, we’re going to have to re-release a lot of code to get this working again and also we’ll have to upload all our documents to the new account as well.

it’s not really an ideal situation. We will be taking this service but we have to be able to finish testing first.

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Thank you for contacting us. Please continue your testing again and let us know in case of any problem or confusion. We’re sorry for the inconvenience you faced.


If you are getting credit limit issue of free trail account, you can raise the request in the purchase forum. We will analyze it and will increase the credit limit accordingly.