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How to replace multiple strings in Word Document in Java using Aspose.Words REST API


I have found an example to replace one string. But I need an example for multiple strings (words). Please give me an example code for Java that works with Aspose Words Cloud for multiple strings.

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Dear sven,

Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

Aspose.Words for Cloud allows you to replace multiple occurrences of a word within a word document. You can see the Java code below. As you can see, in this example we are replacing all occurrences of the word aspose with "".

String fileName = "SampleWordDocument.docx";
String storage = null;
String folder = null;

ReplaceTextRequest body = new ReplaceTextRequest();
body.setOldValue ("aspose");
body.setNewValue ( "");
Path p1=Utils.getPath(FindReplaceTextExample.class, fileName);
String revisionDateTime = "2017-02-20";
String revisionAuthor = "Mateen";
// Upload the file
storageApi.PutCreate(fileName, "", "", p1.toFile());
// Invoke Aspose.Words Cloud SDK API to replace text
ReplaceTextResponse apiResponse = wordsApi.PostReplaceText(fileName, fileName, storage, folder, body,revisionAuthor,revisionDateTime);

if (apiResponse != null && apiResponse.getStatus().equals("OK"))
System.out.println("Text replaced successfully");

Aspose.Words for Cloud also supports replacing words by using regex expressions. You can use this by using setIsOldValueRegex with true/false to indicate whether the old value you have entered is a Regular Expression or a plain word.

We currently do not support replacing multiple words that do not match a single regular expression.

You can find complete working examples by reading Working with Find and Replace documentation

Should you have any further query, please feel free to contact.

Mateen Sajjad
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