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How to reorder Slides position in PowerPoint Presentation in PHP using Aspose.Slides REST API

I’m trying to get PostSlidesReorderPosition working, but I can’t get any result so far and the documentation doesn’t help me:!/Slides/PostSlidesReorderPosition

It seems like there are 5 fields to specify the slide position. It certainly makes sense to specify the position in the source and target file, but I don’t understand the need for 5 fields. Two of them have the same description by the way. Is there a complete and working example?

This is what I tried: Success: Reorder presentation slides. name ‘1536236651-example.pptx’,oldPosition ‘’,newPosition ‘’,slideToCopy ‘’,position ‘1’,slideToClone ‘’,source ‘1536236977-1.pptx’,password ‘’,folder ‘’,storage ‘’,layoutAlias ‘’

But my storage file hasn’t changed after this call. The file date has changed, but I can’t see the new slide in the storage file. I’m basically trying to insert one slide into an existing file.

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POST /slides/{name}/slides API serves number of purposes.

Following are some of the examples of the API:

  1. Add a first slide of presentation ‘Cardio2_DEU_v2.pptx’ to ‘sample-input.pptx’ at position 3.
    Parameter values are:
    name = sample-input.pptx
    slideToCopy = 1
    position = 3
    source = Cardio2_DEU_v2.pptx
    and the Output File: sample-input_Output.pptx

  2. Changing position of a slide from 3 to 1

  3. Create a copy of the second slide and insert to the third position.

  4. Add a copy of the first slide to the end of slides list.

  5. Add slide to the specified position. If the position is greater than the count of slides then slide will be added to the end of the slides list.

The layoutAlias parameter is alias of layout slide for a new slide. Alias could be the type of layout, name of layout slide or index. The type of layout value could be one of the following:

Title, Text, TwoColumnText, Table, TextAndChart, ChartAndText, Diagram, Chart, TextAndClipArt, ClipArtAndText, TitleOnly, Blank, TextAndObject, ObjectAndText, Object, TitleAndObject, TextAndMedia, MediaAndText, ObjectOverText, TextOverObject, TextAndTwoObjects, TwoObjectsAndText, TwoObjectsOverText, FourObjects, VerticalText, ClipArtAndVerticalText, VerticalTitleAndText, VerticalTitleAndTextOverChart, TwoObjects, ObjectAndTwoObject, TwoObjectsAndObject, SectionHeader, TwoTextAndTwoObjects, TitleObjectAndCaption, PictureAndCaption, Custom

We hope this helps!

Thanks @sohail.aspose this works fine! I think I made a mistake because our tools use a zero based index for lists, that’s why slideToCopy was empty in my case.

Your examples definitely helped me to understand things a bit better!

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