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How to read Barcode in MS Power Automate with Aspose.BarCode REST API

Hi , dear community,

I’m rather new in using API’s. I would like to implement Barcode recognize functionality into a flow I have in MS Power Automate. As I’m not a programmer I’m wondering how to fill in parameters into the HTTP connector’s details (here a documentation of this connector - https://community.dynamics.com/365/b/d365demystified/posts/make-http-request-from-flow-in-power-automate)

Grateful for any help!


We will check the integration of Aspose.BarCode REST API with Microsoft Power Automate and share the details with you asap.

Thanks a lot!

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@tilal.ahmad, I’ve made some progress and am able to get a token with action below:
image.png (17.1 KB)

Now I’m struggling wih Upload file action - I successfully upload jpg files to Aspose storage but they cannot be opened - Error - “it looks like we don’t support this file format”. Seems I do not transfer the file content correctly in body of the http request. Could you please advise?

image.png (15.9 KB)


Please spare us some time. We are investigating the Power Automate for your requirements and will provide the details soon.


Thanks for your patience. I have created a sample workflow to recognize barcode in Power Automate successfully. I uploaded an image file from Dropbox storage to Aspose Cloud storage and read the barcode as following. Please let us know if you need any further assistance in this regard.

Hi @tilal.ahmad,
thanks for coming back. I have the same flow as posted by you however the file content is not transferred correctly to Aspose storage resulting in an error below when opening the file. Sending also screenshots of the flow itself. Recognition of manually uploaded files to storage works fine in my power automate flow. This must be some bug / exception on my side.

image.png (24.0 KB)

image.png (14.8 KB)

image.png (12.0 KB)


As per your shared images, you are uploading testbar.png and recognizing 19.png but viewing testbarcode.jpg. Please double check that you are recognizing same image that you are uploading.

Hi @tilal.ahmad,indeed but this was just me testing if manually uploaded picture is recognized via power automate correctly - and it is.
Issue is in transporting file content. I’ll try to figure it out so we can use this flow in our project (we expect to process 5 000 + files), but yesterday I noticed I do not have more free api calls. I believe each month there should be further 150 ? I’m trying now but still a message that limit is reached.


Please find screenshots of my steps to upload the image file from Dropbox to Aspose storage. You may compare your actions with mine.

Yes, a free plan has 150 monthly API calls limit.