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How to password protect PDF documents in Node.js?

Hi Team,

I’ve a usecase where I need to provide password protection to pdf files. Can this be achieved via aspose words cloud api.


Please check EncryptionDetails properties, you can set the password protection while converting the supported documents to PDF using SaveAs API method.

Hi @tilal.ahmad,

Thanks got it.

But what if , I have a pdf document already with me…I just want to add password to it…then …in that case is there any api that can help me with it?


You can use Aspose.PDF Cloud API to protect the PDF document. Please check the API Reference for details.

@tilal.ahmad, Does this support on premise as well?


I am afraid currently Aspose.PDF Cloud does not support self hosting. We have already logged a ticket(PDFCLOUD-1654) for it. We have linked your post to the ticket and will notify you as soon as it is resolved.