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How to Merge Word Documents in Blob Azure Storage using Aspose.Words Cloud SDK for .NET

I am using the cloud word library for merging two word document:

below is my code snap, I have connected my blob azure storage as storage:

WordsApi wordsApi = new WordsApi(“xxxx-xxxx.xxxx-xxxx-xxxx”, “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”);
var localFile = “Sample.docx”;
using var requestDocument2 = File.OpenRead(localFile);
using var requestDocumentListDocumentEntries0FileReferenceStream2 = File.OpenRead(“Sample2.docx”);
var requestDocumentListDocumentEntries0FileReference2 = new
var requestDocumentListDocumentEntries02 = new DocumentEntry()
FileReference = requestDocumentListDocumentEntries0FileReference2,
ImportFormatMode = “KeepSourceFormatting”
var requestDocumentListDocumentEntries2 = new List()
var requestDocumentList2 = new DocumentEntryList()
DocumentEntries = requestDocumentListDocumentEntries2
var appendRequest2 = new AppendDocumentOnlineRequest(requestDocument2, requestDocumentList2);


In log it shows no error no exception… How can i get it to work so that my merged document is visible in blob storage?


Please note that online API methods process documents from the request body and return output in response. These do not involve cloud storage.

If you want to get output in your storage, then either get output from the AppendDocumentOnline API method and upload to your cloud storage or use AppendDocument to append documents from storage and get output in storage.

P.S: Please never share your credentials in a public post.

Thanks, but as you see my last line of code I have used append document method. Can you please help me with a sample code whith which i can create merged document in my storage.

also if I connected my blob account so what will be the url for operation? my blob url or any specific url from cloud aspose?

closed. Fixed

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It is good to know that you have managed to resolve the issue. Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.