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How to integrating Aspose OMR Soluiton in Web App

I tried to find examples and process regarding the implementation of OMR in my web app, but did not find much.

Is OMR officially launched from your end or still your team is working on it.


Thanks for your inquiry. Please note Aspose.OMR Cloud is already in production. It provides REST API methods those you can call in your code for related tasks. It also provides SDKs for different platforms, so you can easily and quickly process documents in the language of your choice. Please check Aspose.OMR GitHub repository for a complete list of available SDKs along with working examples, to get you started in no time.

We also have a number of requirements for images to be recognized properly and they are described here:

And lastly, we highly recommend using GUI Client to get familiar with the process before using SDK. It is also well documented with screenshots that will lead you through the process.