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How to integrate Zapier with Aspose Cloud API?


have you any idea / sample to create a Zapier webhook call (JSON/POST/GET) or trigger in Zapier to call aspose cloud (with Aspose URL Signing) ? A this time, i got a 403.

Like Groupe Docs Sample


Tks !

Hi Nadjim,

At the moment, there is no such sample but we will let you know as soon as we add one.

Regarding 403, can you please share if you were already using it without any issue? If yes, then you can replace HTTPS with HTTP in your request. There is no issue with the service but some platforms are not working with HTTPS after our last service update. There seems to be an issue with Sign methods when signing HTTPS requests.

We are investigating Sign methods of our SDKs and will let you know once the issue is fixed. In the meantime, you can keep using the service by using HTTP instead of HTTPS in your request URLs.

Best Regards,


We have created some document processing templates(Zaps) to speed up the document automation process using Zapier based on Aspose Cloud APIs. Please check the following documentation to Integrate Aspose.Words Cloud in Zapier.

Integration Aspose.Words Cloud in Zapier