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How to increase detection rate?

Which settings should I use to increase detection quality to the maximum possible ? Keeping in mind that I’m planning on reading barcodes which could have a shadow partially over them, may be a bit blurry, etc.


You may try the following properties while recognizing the Barcode image. However. we will appreciate it if you share your sample problematic images with us. We will look into these and guide you accordingly.

| MedianSmoothingWindowSize | integer($int32) | Window size for median smoothing. Typical values are 3 or 4. Default value is 3. AllowMedianSmoothing must be set |

| AllowMedianSmoothing | boolean | Allows engine to enable median smoothing as additional scan. Mode helps to recognize noised barcodes |

| AllowDecreasedImage | boolean | Allows engine to recognize decreased image as additional scan. Size for decreasing is selected by internal engine algorithms. Mode helps to recognize barcodes which are noised and blurred but captured with high resolution |