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How to get Microsoft DOCX Styles with Aspose.Words Cloud API?

I saw in Java library we can working with styles. Will be supports API call for it?

I see style name (for example “Bod”), but how can I get font size, font family and other attributes this custom style?

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Thanks for your request. We have logged an enhancement ticket(WORDSCLOUD-699) to support working with styles. We will keep you updated about the issue resolution progress within this forum thread.


We will appreciate it if you please share your sample input document along with expected results. It will help us to understand the requirement and address it exactly.

Furthermore, we already have an API to get font details of a run. It can also help to get font properties.!/Runs/GetDocumentParagraphRun

Thank you for create task. When I use!/Runs/GetDocumentParagraphRun then I get empty answer.
I attached screenshot.

getDocumentParagraphRun.png (249.7 KB)

name: “Microsoft_Corporation_-Stock_Purchase_Agreement(Anatoliy_Shirokikh).docx”
index: 0


Please pass parameters to the subjected API as follow. Use sections/0/paragraphs/0 For first paragraph of first section. You may share your sample document and expected results here, so we will also look into it and guide you.


Thank you for your answer. But as result to get all styles from document I should make very-very many requests. Maybe exists variant when I can get all styles from document via less count requests?


Thanks for your feedback. We have recorded your requirement. We will further investigate it and implement accordingly. We will keep you updated about the issue resolution progress within this forum thread.


Thanks for your patience. Please note, above logged feature request(WORDSCLOUD-699) is implemented in Aspose.Words Cloud 20.5 release. Now, you can use GetStyles API method to get a complete list of styles from a Word document.