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How to generate / Create Table of content(TOC) in Microsoft Word Document using Aspose.Words REST API

Hi Team,

Is it possible to generate a dynamic table of content by using the aspose.word for cloud library?

Best Regards,
Jun Jie, Wong


Thank you for contacting Aspose Support.

At present, Aspose.Words for Cloud does not support this feature. We have logged a new feature request (WORDSCLOUD-203) with our Product Team, in our in house system. I have attached the ticket to this thread so you will be notified of any progress on it.

Kind Regards,
Mateen Sajjad


We already support the feature in Aspose.Words Cloud API. You can add Table of Contents with the following API:

POST ​/words​/{name}​/{nodePath}​/fields

For example, you can add Table of Contents using Web API explorer by setting following values to the parameters:

name = Sample_Document.docx
field = { “FieldCode”: “{TOC}” }
nodePath = sections/0/paragraphs/0