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How to find the contents of a placeholder in a PowerPoint Slide using Aspose.Slides Cloud API

Is there anyway to find the value inside a placeholder on a slide (not in the masters). What I’m trying to do is find the text in the “title” placeholder on a slide. I looked at all the text returned from a slide, but didn’t see anything the flags it as content of “title” placeholder. Also looked at the placeholders API.

I tried:


Neither identifies the text (or content) of the placeholders.


Thanks for your query. Every element on the slide is shape and as per my understating, the placeholder holds shapes. So you can use the shape api to get the contents of the placeholder as well. Please check this curl command to get contents of shape 1 on slide 2.

However, if there is any difference in your requirements and my understanding, then please share more details with a sample document.

curl -X GET ""
-H "accept: application/json"
-H "authorization: Bearer [JWT_Access_Token]"