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How to Find and Replace Text in PDF using PHP Laravel Throws Error

When trying to use the PHP API to replace a text in a PDF document, I get this error:

[400] Client error: 
`POST https://api.aspose.cloud/v3.0/pdf/kk-mappe.pdf/text/replace` 
resulted in a `400 Bad Request` 
response: {"TextReplaces":["The TextReplaces field is required."]} 

My code looks like this:

namespace App\Http\Controllers;
use Aspose\PDF\Api\PdfApi;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Aspose\PDF\Configuration;
use Aspose\PDF\Model\TextReplace;
use Aspose\PDF\Model\TextReplaceListRequest;

class AsposePDFController extends Controller {
    private $baseURL = "https://api.aspose.cloud/v3.0/";

    private function getAPI() {
        $appSid = 'XXX';
        $appKey = 'XXX';
        $config = new Configuration();

        return new PdfApi(null, $config);

    public function replacePDFText(Request $request) {
        $api = $this->getAPI();
        $sourcePath = "C:/xampp7_4/htdocs/kkbackend/public/uploads/documents/";
        $sourceFile = $sourcePath . "kk-mappe.pdf";
        $remoteFileName = "kk-mappe.pdf";
        $outputFile = $sourcePath . "kk-mappe-replaced.pdf";
        // Upload File
        // Replace the Text
        $textReplace = new TextReplace();
        $textReplace->old_value = "Iserlohn";
        $textReplace->new_value = "Crailsheim";
        $textReplace->regex = false;

        $textReplaceRequest = new TextReplaceListRequest();
        $textReplaceRequest->text_replaces = [$textReplace];

        // Call the TextReplace API 
        $response = $api->postDocumentTextReplace(
            null,   // Storage
            null    // Folder
        // Download the resulting file
        $downloadResult = $api->downloadFile($remoteFileName);
        // Save it
        copy($downloadResult->getPathName(), $outputFile);
        return $downloadResult;

What am I missing?
Thanks a lot for help or a working example to replace text in a PDF document using the PHP API.


After looking into the source code, I’ve found the answer. Setting properties directly is wrong. I may pass them to the constructor instead or use the setter methods.

    $textReplace = new TextReplace([
        "old_value" => "Iserlohn",
        "new_value" => "Crailsheim",
        "regex" => false

    $textReplaceRequest = new TextReplaceListRequest([
        "text_replaces" => [$textReplace];

Now it works! Great!

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It is good to know that you have managed to resolve the issue. You can check the unit tests from Aspose.PDF Cloud SDK for PHP for your reference as well.