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How to export WordPress posts to Microsoft Word or indesign using Aspose.Wrods Cloud?

I would like to export about 2000 post from WP to a format that i can import to Indesign and then make a book later on. All posts are the same:
Title (short text + date)
Picture (All photos will be changed to hi resolution files in a later stage)
Text (not that much but they contain swedish lettres å, ä and ö.

Can the pluggin doc exporter solve this or is there a better solution?

Thanks for helping out


We are sorry for missing this thread. Yes, you can accomplish the task with the collaboration of Aspose Doc Exporter Plugin and Aspose.Words Cloud in two steps. In first step export the WordPress posts into DOC/DOCX using the plugin and later append the output DOC/DOCX documents using Aspose.Words Cloud Append API. Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance.