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How to Create OMR Template from an Image using Aspose.OMR REST API

I have created a very basic template like what will be generated using your cloud template generator to test api and try to validate it using omr client tool but the following exception will be thrown:

Additional information: Can’t recognize template image! Make sure template is marked up properly and completely, or try to use another template.

Recognition attempt has failed. Reason: Request processing caused an exception. Can’t match template over user image: objects [‘bubbles’] finding error. Image might be corrupted, wrong template is used, image has not enough solid static objects for matching.Big disagreement with template: found only 0 objects, 20 are expected.

i have attached .omr and .png files
test.png (367.5 KB)

what is the problem ?
test.png (277 KB)
test.zip (642 Bytes)


It seems you have shared only template image. As there is no optical mark on the shared image to recognize. Please share your image to recognize as well.

This error is on template validation phase in omr cloud client tool not recognization phase
The tool will send the template image to server and return this error and says this is invalid template at all …And does not let me to go to recognize page to send any filled forms to recognie
What is invalid in the template file i have atached?


Thanks for your feedback. Please note while creating a new template from the image. You need to add optical mark bubbles for all the questions otherwise Aspsoe.OMR client throws the exception. Please find the updated template and test it at your end.

New Template.zip (289.9 KB)