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How to create new PowerPoint Presentation in C# .NET using Aspose.Slides REST API

Hi, i try to use Aspose for Cloud, it’s possible create a file and presentation? when i try this code i recive a 404 error file not found.

string appSid = “";
string appKey = "

// Create an object of SlidesService
SlidesService slidesService = new SlidesService(appSid, appKey);

// Create Empty PowerPoint Presentation
slidesService.CreatePresentation(“slide-created1.pptx”, “Slides”);

I would like to convert this code whit Cloud Aspose its possible?

ISlide sld = pres.Slides[0];
System.Drawing.Image img = (System.Drawing.Image)new Bitmap(image);
IPPImage imgx = pres.Images.AddImage(img);
sld.Shapes.AddPictureFrame(ShapeType.Rectangle, 25, 130, imgx.Width, imgx.Height, imgx);

please help me, thank you!

Hi Paolo,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have observed your comments and like to request you to please visit this documentation link for your kind reference.

Best Regards,

thanks for reply but i want create a powerpoint presentation not convert it into img.

Hi Paolo,

I have observed your comments and like to share with you that you can create a presentation as explained in this documentation article.

Please share if I may help you further in this regard.

Best Regards,

ok perfect but i receive this error :
Error: Error ‘The specified file does not exist.’, Bucket
‘afc-filestorage’, FilePath
‘17968/189f188c-37e1-4881-baf7-34cfeb790cac’. Method: Create
presentation from stored template. Parameters: name
‘slide-created1.pptx’, templatePath ‘’, templateStorage ‘’, password ‘’,
storage ‘’, folder ‘Slides’

Hi Paolo,

I have observed that you are using the SDK example from the link shared by me earlier. I am afraid you are getting this error because of not downloading the SDK on your side. Please download Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK for .NET and then try executing the code, it works without any problem, then please share your kind feedback with us.

Please let us know if the issue persists. We will be glad to help you further.

Best Regards,