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How to create / generate OMR Template with 100 questions and 4 answers each using Aspose.OMR REST API

I am working on an application whose task is to read test results. I use yours OMR tool for this. Can I use my own test template that will eventually contain some markup to read the results?
I have to make a template with 100 questions and 4 answers for each question - is it possible ?
I tried to do this through the application ( OMR Client ) , but it displays a maximum of only 16 questions.


Thanks for your inquiry. Please note there is no limitation of number of questions in the template.

Please try GUI Client to generate a sample template with following text file, it contains 100 questions.
Please also check article Creating OMR Template and Extracting Data to get familiar with GUI Client. (270 Bytes)

I checked the article about Creating OMR Template and the sample template you uploaded. But this is not what I am looking for. Your example contains 100 answers without a question text. However, I need 100 questions along with the question text.
This is a sample template in .txt format with 30 questions. When I generate a template from such a file, I see a maximum of 16 questions.Validation also does not pass. (681 Bytes)


Thanks for sharing your sample OMR template. We have noticed your reported issue and logged a ticket OMRCLOUD-19 in our issue tracking system for further investigation and rectification. We will notify you as soon as it is resolved.


Thanks for your patience. We have investigated your template and would like to inform that Aspose.OMR Cloud supports A4 pager size template. The number of questions that can fit the page depends on the length of the text elements and on the spaces between questions. But still, it is physically limited, since generation targets A4 paper with set text size. Currently, there is no option to change text font size.

In case of your template, the validation fails because there are elements on the page that were rendered "outside" of the image bounds. Generation does not check or correct the number of requested questions, thus it will attempt to render all requested elements. The validation, however, checks the position of each element, which in this case results in error.

100 questions along with questions text cannot fit single A4 paper anyway, even with very small font. Thus, we suggest the following approaches:

  1. Split question text and choiceboxes, so that they are placed on different papers. A single-page template with 100 questions can easily be created using answer_sheet element. And on different paper (or papers), the text of 100 questions can be placed. Dividing text and marks may not be very convenient for the respondent, but it is very easy to prepare and process, since only one page needs to be recognized.
  2. Divide 100 questions into parts (for example 7 parts with ~15 questions each), generating separate template for each page. This option probably is a bit more convenient to fill in, but is rather complicated for preparing and processing. To gather answers from one respondent, 7 pages needs to be recognized according to the appropriate template. Unfortunately, we do not support multipage templates for now, but it is planned for future releases.