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How to convert PDF to text in Google App Engine with Python using Aspose REST API


Could you provide an example how to use your service with
google app engine?


Imran Rafique:
Hi Koen,

Thanks for your inquiry. Saaspose is a cloud-based document generation, conversion and automation platform for developers. It is based on the REST API. It inter operates seamlessly with other cloud services. It is must upload input files in the cloud. You can also keep your files on external storage like Google Drive, Google cloud, Dropbox etc. It would be great if you can clarify a bit more about the requirement. We will take a closer look and guide you accordingly.


I would like to use the following use case:

* User can send email to a google app engine account with a pdf attached

* Google app engine fetches the pdf attachment
* Google app engine application does a call to your service with the pdf
* Saaspose application gives back the text of the pdf (so a pdf --> text

I am writing my application in python.
So what I don't know yet is how google app engine could do the call to your

* Would it be sufficient to just import your sdk and then execute the
proper calls in python?
* Do I need to upload first the pdf to your storage and then I can do the




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Hi Koen,

Thanks for the information. Yes, you can call our Saaspose service from the Google App Engine ( GAE ). I’m afraid because at the moment, we don’t have GAE example to show you. We’re preparing an example for your reference. Please spare us a bit more time. We’ll get back to you soon.

We’re sorry for your inconvenience.